Tim Bran

Tim Bran is a charming magician who specialises in performing close quarter sleight of hand magic that is friendly, informal, modern and fun. Tim makes everyone involved feel special and leaves them with a real sense of wonder. He is most often to be found with a deck of cards, in his hands, amusing the guests at cocktail parties or entertaining at the tables at dinner functions.

Tim's performance strength lies in connecting with his audiences in various situations, making them feel relaxed and encouraging them to join in the fun. He really enjoys the social and psychological aspects of great magic and it shows!

"Tim Bran amazed me with his magic!"
Paul McKenna PhD Author and Hypnotist

"His infectious cheeky smile, and magic fingers, put a smile on our
faces and made my party even more special. Wonderfully entertaining."
Amanda Reekie, Stratton & Reekie PR

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