Graham P. Jolley

Graham P. Jolley will always leave you with one burning question? 'How did he do that?'

Who would believe that one of the busiest entertainers in the UK today is someone who claims to be able to read people's minds?
As one of the most outstanding psychological entertainers today, Graham P. Jolley has stunned and mesmerised guests all over the world. His fascinating mix of mind reading and mystification is both bewitching and captivating, yet is driven by a razor sharp sense of humour that always leaves his audience helplessly entertained.

His impressive skill and charming good humour make him an extremely memorable, engaging, diverse and immensly popular performer. He will read your mind, members of the audience will read each others mind, he will predict your holiday destination and with whom.

One thing is certain, Graham P. Jolley will continue to be a talking point long after the event.


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