Fortune Broker

To most people, images of an old gypsy with bright lipstick and long hair, dressed in long shawls and asking you to 'cross their hand with silver' come to mind.
We don’t do that!
Dynamic FX do "Fortune Brokers" (they're all in futures!) who are refreshing, smart, corporate and fun. They deliver a modern blend of magic and mystery using old and new skills of the fortune teller’s trade. They don't look weird or wear funny costumes (in fact you'll be hard-pushed to pick them out among a young corporate audience) but they will give your guests amazingly accurate character readings (based on aura, handwriting, tarot and even their eyes) and a glimpse into secrets that only the future can usually reveal.
Fortune Brokers create a powerful, emotional entertainment using psychology, magic and modern theatre. It's something new, something different and something relevant for the twenty-first century.
Suitable for walkabout and ideal as a fixed point entertainment during receptions and parties.
"Unbelievable. You told me things about me that I thought only I knew!"

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