Alexis Conran

Alexis Conran - The Real Hustler from Dynamic FX
Alexis Conran grew up in Greece where he was introduced to gambling at a young age. He witnessed long and short confidence tricks, scams and fixed card games, but although fascinated by the 'con', he followed his other passion: acting.

In his twenties, Alexis met a fellow actor who turned out to be a magician. Finally re-acquainted with a pack of cards, he was soon in demand from celebrities and the very wealthy to perform internationally as an expert in cons and hustles, specialising in card and casino cheating.

Working in Hollywood, Alexis was invited to join some actors in a high stakes poker game that led to an unexpected change in his approach. During the game he noticed one of the players cheating by stacking the deck before the deal. Not wanting to make a fuss and embarrass anyone, Alexis used his skills to make it impossible for the cheat to win!

Alexis is still obsessed by cons and cheats on and off the card table
but his shows are now exhibitions in fraud, cons, dice, casino and card cheating. He uses his acting skills to get into character and bring to life the long and short cons that he witnessed as a boy.

Alexis is now an experienced conference and after dinner speaker, he demonstrates all kinds of frauds and scams; then explains how to avoid them! His unique act, performed all over the world, is a fantastic blend of entertainment and education for all who are fascinated by the world of cons, scams and cardsharps.

Alexis is co-writer and star of the BBC hit series 'The Real Hustle' on BBC Three.

Alexis is currently starring in ‘The Real Hustle’ on BBC Three.

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